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Killa Rocsteady: Caltone

Vol 1 - Descargar Here!!!

Crying Over You - The Heptones
Rude Boy Confession - The Emotions
Get On The Ball - Roy Shirley & The Caltone Studio Orchestra
Sound And Soul - Johnny Moore With Tommy & The Supersonics
The Chase - Yvonne Harrison With Tommy & The Supersonics
It's Alright - The Tartans & Tommy's Band
Dreader Than Dread - Honeyboy Martin & The Voices
Don't Want To Let You Go - Max Romeo & The Emotions
The One I Love - Ken Boothe With Tommy & The Supersonics
Do It To Me baby - Lloyd Jackson & The Groovers
Retun Home - Alva Lewis
Listen To The Music - Lloyd Jackson & The Groovers
Baby Baby - The Clarendonians & Tommy's Band
Awake The Town - The Tartans
The Brush - Lynn Taitt & The Jets
No Use To Cry - The Emotions & Tommy's Band
You Left The Water Running - Ken Boothe With Tommy & The Supersonics
I Used To Be A Fool - Milton Boothe & The Lynn Taitt Band
Careless Hands - The Emotions
Dirty Dozen - Vincent Gordon & The Lynn Taitt Band
Your Love - Peter Austin
No One To Give Me Love - Larry Marshall & Peter Austin
Reach Out For Me Girl - Phil Pratt & The Lynn Taitt Band
What Kind Of Man - The Cool Cats & The Lynn Taitt's Band
Little Things - Helmsley Morris & The Lynn Taitt Band
I'm Restless - The Thrillers & The Lynn Taitt Band

Vol 2 - Descargar Here!!!

Dial 608 - Chuck Jaques
Now That You've Gone (Move On) - Wilbert Francis
Good Nannie - The Pioneers & The Ramblers
Gunmen Coming To Town - The Heptones
Wait For Me - The Vibrators
Doreen Girl - The Pioneers & The Ramblers
Buy You A Rainbow - The Emotions
Take My Hand - Yvonne Harrison
Sir Pratt Special - Vincent Gordon
Ain't That Bad - The Heptones
I Can't Do No More - Max Romeo & The Emotions
Meet Me At The Corner - The Diplomats
My Heart, My Soul - Lloyd Jackson & The Groovers
Bye Bye Bye - The Clarendonians
Coming On Strong -The Tartans
Soulful Music - The Emotions
Caltone Special - Tommy McCook & His Band
Time Is Getting Harder - Peter Austin
Safe Travel - Phil Pratt & Hemsley Morris
Sweet Song For My Baby - Phil Pratt & The Lynn Taitt Band
Suicide - Alva Lewis
Heart Breaking Gypsy - The Emotions
Love Is Strange - Hemsley Morris
School Girls - The Heptones
Going Along - The Diplomats
Hold Your Love - The Cool Cats

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Anónimo dijo...

al parecer son todos los singles de caltone no?
Muy buen rocksteady de aquel sello