domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2007


Winston Groovy - Free The People (Groovin' With Winston Groovy)(Pama)(197x)

I Like The Way
I Got To Find A Way To Get Maria Back
To The Other Man
Tell Me Why
Not Now
I Wanna Be There
Don't Break My Heart
Yellow Bird
Standing At The Corner
The First Time
Free The People

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Reco - Reco In Reggae Land(Pama)(1969)

Tribute To Don Drummond
Anancy Rumba
Rainbow In The Rio Mino
Sweet Chariot
Tom Jones
Scare Face
Trombone Man
Japanese Invasion
Top Of The Class
Black Milk
Stranger On The Shore
Place In The Sun

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Rude Boys & Girls UP AND AHEAD!!!

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